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Our company is an end-to-end, customer oriented alternative energy company that brings you cutting-edge solar energy solutions. We are centered on marketing, trading, transportation, and distribution of solar panels in India. Earth Power is an environmentally friendly renewable energy company offering a broad portfolio of technologies, products & solutions to our clients globally!

Electricity For Less

Use solar energy to power your home and reduce your dependence on the grid. Purchase solar at the lowest price of any national provider with Orisun's price match guarantee and take control of your monthly electricity bill.

Sleek and Durable

Our solar panels are low-profile & durable quietly converting sunlight to energy for decades to come. Integrated hardware & simple design achieved by securing the panels close to your roof with minimal aesthetic.

Maximum Production

We provide solar panels designed with high efficient, delivering maximum solar production year-round, even on roofs with complicated angles. High quality Solar Inverter, your fully integrated system is safe and reliable.


We provide various services that include everything you need to power your home with clean solar energy. We will oversee your entire solar panel installation project and provide a single point of contact and accountability throughout the life of your system.


Besides providing miscellaneous solar power solutions for private clients and residential buildings, we also help commercial businesses in switching to solar power.


Besides all the environmental benefits that it brings, plus the savings on your monthly bills for power consumption, it’s easy to see why so many people have made the leap over


Whether you’re buying or selling a home with already installed solar power panels, Orisun Group is here to help! Our highly committed transfer team takes care of everything for your new home.


We offer a whole range of energy efficiency tips, provided both for small businesses and larger operations. At the end of the day, this will help your company cut on expenses and will help reduce the environmental impact of your business, converting it to an eco-friendly one.

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Looking for an Alternative Energy Resource

Basically, it lets you get energy out of nowhere. Nevertheless, in order to have a flawless experience with a solar energy and to enjoy using it all along, you need to pay a special attention when choosing solar supplies.

How Solar Power Works

Solar power is harnessed using Solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology that converts sunlight (Solar radiation) into electricity by using semiconductors. When the sun hits the semiconductor within the PV cell, electrons are freed and bus bars collect the running electrons which results in electric current. When we place Solar panels connected in a calculated manner in the sunlight, they start producing current and voltage in the form of Direct current (DC) but in most of the countries in the world appliances and equipment runs on Alternative current (AC) so we need to connect to all Solar panels to an Inverter which then converts DC into AC for home use.

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